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5 Great Health Benefits of Music

5 Great Health Benefits of MusicWe all love music! Although people’s taste varies, everyone has those artists or genres which just make their lives complete. Music is such a big part of our daily lives – we listen to the radio on our way to work, we have road trip mixes, we listen to it while exercising as a motivational tool, etc. But did you know that music can also be greatly beneficial to our health. In the same way as fruit is great for our immune system, or microdermabrasion machines (like these) can help our skin, music can also affect various parts of our minds and bodies. Here are just some of the health benefits you can achieve just by listening to music.

  1. Music improves verbal and visual skills

Many professional studies have shown a strong link between early music education and high verbal and visual skills in children. They have found that children between 4 and 6 who have musical training for a month exhibit greater ability to understand words and explain what they mean, and a more highly developed sense of rhythm, melody, voice and pitch.

  1. Music increases your happiness levels

Music can increase the levels of any emotion. Just by listening to different types of music, you can start feeling happy, sad, agitated, nervous, content, etc. If you listen to a special type of music – one with a major key and a quick tempo – it can instantly make your body release dopamine, which is a hormone that causes the feeling of happiness. If you think that you often feel sad or depressed, music can be a cure in the same way that a skincare system can rid you of skin conditions – if you want to feel overall happier, you should make ‘happy’ music a part of your everyday routine.

  1. Music can boost your immune system

Research has found that music can help you reduce the amount of harmful hormones in your body – the ones that cause stress and anxiety, as well as those that cause your immune system to plummet. These hormones usually increase the risk of heart disease, lower bone density, cause high blood pressure, etc. This can all be rectified by listening to any music that you personally enjoy.

  1. Music affects your heartbeat and pulse rate

There are many studies which show that listening to music strengthens muscles. This includes the most important muscle in our bodies – the heart. Regardless of your preferred genre, music can be used to steady your heartbeat and bring your pulse rate back to normal. This effect has shown to be the same in both men and women.

  1. Music improves the quality of sleep

Since the things that affect your quality of sleep the most are your anxiety and heart rate, and music has a positive effect on both of these, it is no wonder that people who listen to soothing music before going to bed have a much higher quality of sleep and feel more rested in the morning.

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