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jackThis blog is dedicated to music and the art of listening; we seek to be the audiophile’s mecca of information because we believe that musicand the ability to quiet ourselves enough to listen to the world around us is an importance part of the human experience.

We believe that music, as well as the spoken word, has the ability to move us in ways that are unique and different from any other art form; it can make us laugh, cry, contemplate, and inspire us as nothing else can. Music and words have the ability to reach into your very being and affect your mood and perspective. It may be an ephemeral art, as fleeting as the notes or sounds will carry, but you feel it at the very core of your being. It fuels our minds and spurs our creativity.

Listening offers an important way to learn and experience life. We seek to cover and capture all different aspects and forms of music and listening, and the impacts they have on us. Our website offers hundreds ofreviews on a variety ofaudiobooks and muscial recordingscovering a range of topics, including best sellers and classic titles. You will also find that our website supplies you with pertinent information and reviews on a variety ofverbal recordings, from poetry readings to dramatic productions to comedy programs and children’s recordings. We hope that the tools and resources you find here will help inspire you to listen more, and enhance the music in your heart.

Music and sound in all of its various forms can become part of your heart and soul; it can change us in inexplicable and profound ways. Anything we listen to can influence us, and eventually it will be woven into our pop culture and become part of our society as a whole. What we hear one day, may come out of our own mouths the next day. So if you care about what you listen to, you have come to the right place!