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Audio books on our table that may inspire you this winter

Audio books on our table that may inspire you this winterToday’s post is not just about audio tape recommendations for the next few months. It is also about the value of time. It does not tell readers how to manage their time in the best possible way or what to do with their time. It simply has some thoughts on time and has a soft spot for those who are, indeed, pressed for time, and thus motivates making more use of audio books.

Doing that it shows off what’s sitting on our table right now. The hint has been given. Not only are these audio files based on timeless classics, they’re also deeply inspirational and should motivate better use of time for those who decide to privilege themselves with these recommendations.

Motivational talks from famous people

We even have a file handy on http://topgunsafe.com/ to which we can return to whenever time allows this. The information on safes for guns is pretty intense and extensive and requires us to apply our minds fully before making a final choice. Now, before you have any preconceived misconceptions about us, we’d like to point out that we are not even close to being Eurocentric. Rather, we are pretty proud of our heritage here and, in spite of our own reservations about the great man, we are building a library of sorts on former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

We had to wonder that surely this old man would have solved the unpredictable problem of terrorism across our island and the continent. Nevertheless, the tapes are more motivational than anything else on self-defense and using firearms to protect oneself with. A new movie with Michael Fassbinder in the starring role has caught our attention. It’s a biographical response to the late founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs.

Sobering thoughts on evil

Audio books on our table that may inspire you this winter

Now, it does not have to be about Jobs or Churchill, it could be about anyone other than Bush, Bin Laden or Trump, but we find that listening to bio-graphs are both motivational and inspiring. There’s always an element of modesty among great men and women, leaving us mortals with the belief that if they could achieve great things then so can we. Let’s close the post with another pleasurable angle.

It’s still winter here, so in the seasonal scheme of things we’ve decided to travel all the way up to Moscow, Russia, one of the coldest cities around. But our journey begins in London, crosses the channel over to Paris and makes a few detours through Vienna and Berlin before crossing the border into Russia. Before arriving in Moscow, we simply have to see St Petersburg first. While being inspired by others, it’s also important to gather sobering thoughts on evil.

To this end, we’re making an effort to listen to recordings of the life and times of Adolf Hitler during our journeys through A Tale of Two Cities, War and Peace and Dr Zhivago.

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