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Benefits of Playing a Trumpet for Children

boy playing a trumpetWith so many great instruments out there, is hard to decide on just one. But if we were to choose an instrument which inspires creativity and moves at deeper levels the most, it would definitely be the trumpet. It allows for the release of powerful emotions, and the music it produces speaks a language of its own. Self-expression is very important for children, and the trumpet is a great instrument to get started. Here are some of the amazing benefits playing a trumpet can have on kids.

  1. Social impact

While the trumpet can be a solo instrument, it is also present in many bands. While playing the trumpet in a band, a child can really develop social skills. Of course, this can be said for most instruments, but the trumpet is loud and completely vital in a band, so the child will feel like they’re important. It has an especially strong effect on shy and timid children. At first, they might be startled by the loud and strong sound of the instrument, but in time they will have to learn to blow it strongly and decisively if they want to make a nice sound. And this will have an impact on their self-esteem and assertiveness.

  1. It will increase their self-control and the sense of responsibility

Playing an instrument can be a great way to develop healthy long-lasting habits. It teaches children the importance of practice, and also trains them to gain more self-control. Also, when a child has their own trumpet, they will have to take care of it. Trumpets require a bit of maintenance after every session, so they will learn the value of things, and the value of maintaining them. The pride of owning your personal trumpet will also improve their sense of responsibility – they are responsible for it and have to take good care of it. So, getting your child their own instrument is definitely worth the cost. And if you think that playing a trumpet is necessarily an expensive hobby, you’re wrong. There are plenty of nice trumpets out there at affordable prices – just look at http://www.trumpethub.com/ and you’re sure to find a great trumpet to suit you.

  1. Improving other skills

Playing an instrument has been proven to increase other skills such as math and reading. Children who participate in musical activities have been found to outperform those who don’t at various other tasks, but math and reading are prominent among these. Their brains just develop certain areas more, and it is something that sticks with them into their adult age. It’s definitely worth it even if they don’t plan on having a musical career.

  1. Self-expression

An instrument as loud and forceful as the trumpet makes for a great tool for self-expression. Children who are introverted, through playing the trumpet, get the chance to express themselves loudly and assertively without drawing too much attention to it. Shy trumpet players have been known to retreat to their practice room when their emotions become too much to bear, and taking them all out through a great composition!

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