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On surrounding yourself with good advice audio books

On surrounding yourself with good advice audio booksThis post is based on a true story. This story began to reach its climax as early as the middle of last year. At the time of writing this post and by the time you are reading it, the climax is still playing itself out. By the time you’ve posted your comment in reaction to what is written here or at least gone off to gather your own thoughts, a new story would have begun and the first chapter of this brand new story would be in its drafting stage. Take it with a pinch of salt at your own peril if you are one of those who need good solid advice in life or spread the word about this story which, happy to be saying it, does have a good ending.

Titles can be misleading  

The Woodworking Tools Lab could easily be converted into a good advice audio book. In hindsight, the website’s title could be a bit misleading for those who are not close or attentive readers of note. Nevertheless, it talks about sourcing reliable wood routers for all domestic and artistic wood manufacturing. It could very well be dispersing creative and inspirational ideas on what to make next. But by now, we believe that you’ve grasped the point we’re trying to make here.

On surrounding yourself with good advice audio booksWhere good advice audio books are concerned (here we don’t have the titles to hand, only names) we’d like to recommend some themes for you to help get your new year off to a good start. Things being the way they are on a universal scale, we think this will be essential listening material for the weeks and months ahead. It also ties in nicely with the true story we mentioned at the beginning.

The audio books we’re recommending for you today

For starters, get hold of Suze Orman’s titles, anything recorded by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter (of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame) and biographical and anecdotal audio books on the legendary Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet, the Apple innovator, Steve Jobs, and our very own Sir Richard Branson. These are all great must-have titles on how to plan and manage your finances, create a great source of income for yourself in the future and inspirational and motivational stories on what it takes to be your own boss.

Do this before you are left stranded like this middle-aged gentleman was. For many years, he spent his life working in a ‘secure’ job as an insurance clerk until one day the multinational company to which he had devoted most of his life to, had declared him redundant. Fortunately, he made a start on changing his career path but unfortunately he had a history of not being able to manage his financial affairs and, until recently, had nothing to speak of in his pockets.

His new story began with sobering advice from his elderly parents. Their opening lines to him were highlighted by the question; what will you do when we are no longer here to care for you.

The importance of keeping self-help audio books handy

The importance of keeping self-help audio books handyBecause of the fast pace of our modern lifestyles, there’s just so much for us to learn. In fact, there is just too much to take in via the conventional method of reading printed material, whether its magazines or soft-covered two to three hundred word tomes which offer inspiration along with guidance and ideas on how to do things for ourselves. The fast-paced lifestyle includes a very long day at work. With much to learn still, most of us are just too tired to concentrate or focus on our essential reading to help make us do things better or learn new tips and tricks as the online cliché goes.

On being proactive while listening to inspirational stories

While you’re immersing yourself with inspirational stories on how other people managed to transform themselves from grossly obese to magnificently toned and wholesomely healthy creatures, look into http://garagegymlife.com/best-power-rack-reviews/ on how you could start setting up your own home gym in the meantime without having to wait in line at the local gym or make up your mind at your sports retailer on what to buy for basic gym work.

Because we have so very little time or are too tired to read at night, listening to self-help audio books is definitely the way to go. Yes, it does seem as though we are heavily promoting these alternatives, but if you allow yourself just a little time to catch up on some of our previous posts, you’ll soon understand where we’re coming from.

In leaving you with suggestions on how to gain the most from your self-help audios, let’s return to the gym analogy. The lifestyles that we lead also leaves us very little time to practice good health. Try this for good measure. Say now you’re a football fan. Instead of listening to the tedious commentary on the live match, turn the TV’s volume off.

Multitasking with audio books  

While watching your favorite team in action, you could listen to those inspirational stories we hinted at earlier. This same principle can be applied in other regular areas of your life. While raking up the leaves in the yard or clearing up the muck that the last storm left in your garden, listen to an audio file on how to start your own organic garden. Sometime in the future, you’re going to need to do this anyway.

Staying on the theme of good living and healthy lifestyles by way of our musings on the value of self-help audio books, also make a note to look for discussion tapes on healthy eating plans. See how nicely all these ideas fit together? We’re going to close off with our most important suggestion for making effective use of lifestyle-improving audio files.

This comes at just the right time for you during your busy schedule. You’re listening to something related to your job or career. At your peak, listen to your audio book while driving or travelling on the train to work in the morning.

The importance of keeping self-help audio books handy

Audio books on our table that may inspire you this winter

Audio books on our table that may inspire you this winterToday’s post is not just about audio tape recommendations for the next few months. It is also about the value of time. It does not tell readers how to manage their time in the best possible way or what to do with their time. It simply has some thoughts on time and has a soft spot for those who are, indeed, pressed for time, and thus motivates making more use of audio books.

Doing that it shows off what’s sitting on our table right now. The hint has been given. Not only are these audio files based on timeless classics, they’re also deeply inspirational and should motivate better use of time for those who decide to privilege themselves with these recommendations.

Motivational talks from famous people

We even have a file handy on http://topgunsafe.com/ to which we can return to whenever time allows this. The information on safes for guns is pretty intense and extensive and requires us to apply our minds fully before making a final choice. Now, before you have any preconceived misconceptions about us, we’d like to point out that we are not even close to being Eurocentric. Rather, we are pretty proud of our heritage here and, in spite of our own reservations about the great man, we are building a library of sorts on former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

We had to wonder that surely this old man would have solved the unpredictable problem of terrorism across our island and the continent. Nevertheless, the tapes are more motivational than anything else on self-defense and using firearms to protect oneself with. A new movie with Michael Fassbinder in the starring role has caught our attention. It’s a biographical response to the late founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs.

Sobering thoughts on evil

Audio books on our table that may inspire you this winter

Now, it does not have to be about Jobs or Churchill, it could be about anyone other than Bush, Bin Laden or Trump, but we find that listening to bio-graphs are both motivational and inspiring. There’s always an element of modesty among great men and women, leaving us mortals with the belief that if they could achieve great things then so can we. Let’s close the post with another pleasurable angle.

It’s still winter here, so in the seasonal scheme of things we’ve decided to travel all the way up to Moscow, Russia, one of the coldest cities around. But our journey begins in London, crosses the channel over to Paris and makes a few detours through Vienna and Berlin before crossing the border into Russia. Before arriving in Moscow, we simply have to see St Petersburg first. While being inspired by others, it’s also important to gather sobering thoughts on evil.

To this end, we’re making an effort to listen to recordings of the life and times of Adolf Hitler during our journeys through A Tale of Two Cities, War and Peace and Dr Zhivago.

Our Pick of Best Audiobooks for Children

person-987557_960_720The advantages of audiobooks for educating children cannot be belittled. Audiobooks help children comprehend reading and boost their confidence. You can see a marked change in the way your child does his/her schoolwork. It is possible to improve grades with the audio books, especially for dyslexic students.

By adding audiobooks as part of the comprehensive learning method, you can find your kids’ learning potential increasing manifold.  Children with learning issues can find the audio books of great value. Here is our list of best audiobooks from which you can choose the right one for you child.

The Gruffalo and Friends Boxed Set

This Julia Donaldson book set has The Smartest Giant, The Gruffalo and The Room on the Broom stories. Josie Laurence and Imelda Staunton are a few notable actors among others giving their voice for the book.


This popular Roald Dahl book, the stage version of which is still a big rage in the West End, is a great story for your young child to hear. The story deals with a young girl who is bestowed with great magical powers.

This audio book has Kate Winslet lending her voice. Teaching children to do little chores around the house from a young age instils a sense of responsibility early on. For older children, some of the DIY repairs around the house can be taught. With tools such as those at http://oscillatingtoolsdepot.com/, which are to be handled by adults only, DIY repairs have become easier now.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

This L Frank Baum creation is a classic American novel that takes your child through a fantasy tale of flying monkeys, witches, and magical shoes. This book read by Bill Nighy is very entertaining and is guaranteed to keep your child spellbound through the entire reading.

Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase

This book by Jonathan Stroud has Lucy Carlyle the protagonist of the story ending up in a scaring haunted house. This is the first part of a series apt for children aged 10 years and over.


This audiobook by Oliver Jeffers is about Floyd whose kite is stuck on a tree first and this is followed by a long line of things that also are stuck, as he tries to free the kite. From a ladder and kitchen sink to a whale the list extends on.

With voice over by Terence Stamp, this is a very engaging book, which kids are sure to love. The story has both routine events that happen around the house and unbelievable happenings, which set the tone of the story. Adults who putter around the house doing DIY job and land in trouble are sure to relate to this story. As far as DIY projects are, involved Black Decker BD200MB is a great tool to have.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel

This book is part of the award winning book series by Jeff Kinney. In this book, perfect for children 8 years of age and above, Greg tries to land a date for his school dance.

Horrid Henry’s Nightmare

Francesca Simon’s book is part of her series on naughty boy Henry. Miranda Richards reads this book, which is for little kids aged five and over.

Learning to listen while you go

Learning to listen while you goSome people may give you the impression that they’ve heard you but when you’ve come back to them a few days later on the same topic or issue raised you soon discover that they weren’t listening to you after all. You may be guilty of this human flaw too. But take heart that it cannot always be helped and that you are not intentionally dismissing what other people have to say. There is the old saying that to err is human. Because we are faced with so many distractions in our daily lives, ranging from getting the kids ready for school in the morning to multitasking at your desk at work, it is not always easy to stay focused all the time.

Learning to stay focused

Fortunately there are a number of ways to overcome this disability. Mainly through the use of audio-books, people continue to learn how to stay focused on one area of importance in their lives. Taking the examples mentioned above, mothers turn all their attention to their small children in the morning before honing in on their next big task, such as preparing for a day at the office.  Meanwhile, at the office it is not uncommon for ineffective supervisors and managers to disrupt the ability of their staff to work effectively, interrupting the flow of business as well.

Audio book presentations teach mothers, workers and managers how to optimize their days. Returning to the scenario of workers and their bosses, these self-help guides also teach listeners how to be intent and patient, focusing on important areas of a discussion and practicing habits of patience when dealing with an over-exuberant conversationalist.  It goes without saying by now that audio-books in general fulfill many other important functions apart from self-help and motivation.

Making space for meaning and value

Audio-books are ideal for people who are persistently busy and continuously on the go. At different times of the day it is always a challenge for these folks to take a moment, if you will. There are, of course, audio guides that teach these people how to cope with schedules that have little or no space for something more meaningful and valuable in their lives. But while you are unavoidably carrying on with your busy life, you could be listening to an audio-file as you go.

Being stuck in rush-hour traffic, for instance, presents you with an ideal opportunity to be pleasantly distracted while listening to an audio-book. Motorists simply put the disk in their player and calmly proceed to listen to their music, even what is known as white noise, and not let the bumper to bumper traffic bother them. Motorcyclists, on the other hand, may say that this is easier said than done. Thanks to technology, a purpose-driven Bluetooth helmet makes listening to audio files possible for them too.

But at the end of the day, the very act of listening to audio-books helps people improve their ability to listen rather than just merely hearing noise or a patch of conversation which either distracts them or is soon forgotten.

Benefits Of Audio Books For Children


Benefits Of Audio Books For ChildrenBooks are savored best when they are listened to rather than being read to.  In fact, popular authors like Dickens had written books for reading aloud. And it is fun actually to listen to the stories.

Audio books have emerged as a popular form of education and entertainment for kids now. Children who have problems in communicating, writing, or reading are not able to exploit their latent talents.

Even in spite of being smart and intelligent, they are not able to understand the subjects taught in class because of not being able to write, read, or communicate. This can adversely affect their self-esteem and motivation.

With audio books, children would be able to recollect their picture making and visualization skills. For a kid who finds it hard to decode words, absorbing the meaning behind them is quite difficult, if not impossible at the first reading. This affects their comprehension, memory and most importantly, the fun they can have.

But when books are read aloud to children find it very pleasing and entertaining and they are able to grasp better. The habit of reading bedtime stories to children has been followed for a long, long time. The audio books available now bring about a host of benefits such as

  • Improve listening skills and concentration. There are some hobbies such as fishing, which help you to focus on the work at hand. Just like the audio books, there have been newer advancements in fishing too such as the fish finder available at http://fishinggadgetshub.com/, which helps to enjoy the time on water more.
  • An audio book that features a skilled narrator can bring out the right tone and timing, letting you enjoy the words, as they were meant to be
  • Language takes on a beautiful form when it is read aloud, and further teaches appreciation of phrasing and grace.
  • You can learn the complexities of language easily with audio books
  • The interesting way an audio book reads teaches you the way to grab attention, when you are telling something. This vital skill is very valuable in life
  • You can appreciate as well as understand the unfamiliar accents and dialects more easily with audio books
  • If your first language is not English, listening to the audio books helps to get a clear pronunciation and become adept at native speech patterns.
  • An audio book that reads brilliantly can make you learn important facets of a language such as punctuation, emphasis, and enunciation. These bring out the textual meaning precisely.
  • Understanding advanced language forms and newer words is easier for young children with the audio books.
  • For blind people, the audio books are a treasure trove of knowledge, which they would otherwise find difficult to understand
  • Dyslexics too learn much better with audio books.
  • Children with attention deficit disorder find listening to the audio books easier and distraction free.
  • Children as well as adults find it easy to listen, while they do other chores such as exercising, cooking, travelling, or tidying the place
  • Difficult literary subjects such as poetry can be easily understood with expertly narrated audio books. The expertise in phrasing and interpretation brings the poetry to life accurately.


Hunting Audiobooks

Hunting AudiobooksJust like you can find songs to suit (or make) any mood, there are just as many different varieties of books – thrillers, romance titles, epics, poems, mystery books, fiction, fantasy and so on. Many of these books are also available in audio format, as in a recording on a disc or other media which can layer be played back to create the illusion of the book being read to the listener on demand.

The topics for audiobooks are just as widely varied, but today with many hunting season looming in the next few months, it seems appropriate to talk about hunting audiobooks.

Some of these come straight from personalities with serious hunting experience and lots of knowledge to share. A nice start would be Si-Cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty’s Favorite Uncle. This audiobook is loaded with tips, tricks and advice, as well as a fair share of over the top hunting stories which leave the door wide open for you to believe them or not. It’s informational but more important than that, it’s humorous. It’s not boring. The fact it’s read by someone with a mighty familiar voice makes the words a little easier on the ears of listeners as well.

Gary Paulsen is a fairly popular American author and writer who touches upon many different topics with his work. Hunting and fishing happen to be among them, and you can hear his thoughts on both by listening to his audiobook, Father Water, Mother Woods: Essays on Fishing and Hunting in the North Woods. This isn’t an informational piece so much as introspection from the author concerning many of the fishing and hunting trips he’s attended throughout his life. It’s definitely not the book you’ll find at sites focusing on hunting tools, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a read. Or a listen, in this case.

Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter is another audiobook which is part educational endeavor and part reminiscence of the author thinking back to hunting trips from the past. What sets this particular audiobook apart from the other two is the fact the author goes into some detail about specific pieces of equipment being used on hunts, as well as their effectiveness. If you’re looking for an audiobook to tell you the best tactical knife or other best pieces of hunting gear, this is something you’ll want to listen to before your next hunt.

The only thing about this list of audiobooks is that they appear to be some of the most popular titles since they show up fairly high in different search results. There are lots of other audiobooks which cover these same topics though. To ensure the best experience for yourself, you’ll probably want to look around and check different deals before pouncing on the first book that looks good. Not that these books are bad, but then content which appeals to one person may be totally boring to another, so checking personally will ensure you get something you actually like.

Effects of Digital Audiobooks and Assistive Technology on Literacy

Effects of Digital Audiobooks and Assistive TechnologyWhile print materials continue to be read by many people, digital audiobooks and assistive technology are having a major impact on literacy in America. People with learning disabilities especially benefit from audiobooks and assistive technology in various ways.

For those who possess problems with listening skills, assistive technology helps them understand words they hear better and it assists them with processing foreign languages better. People who have issues with solving math problems by hand benefit from audiobooks and assistive technology devices because these tools help them see the problem and solve them in a better way.

Audiobooks And Assistive Technology Help Libraries Service Low Income Patrons

One benefit of audiobooks is that they come in hundreds of genres but for low income families they cannot always purchase good audiobooks from the bookstore or online.

When low income families visit the library they can check out audiobooks for free or they can read audiobooks while at the library. Low income children can learn about new academic concepts, interesting times in history, and material that may inspire them to explore certain career options.

Electronic Spell Checkers

Electronic spell checkers are a type of assistive technology and while these devices will not completely replace the dictionary, they come in handy for those on the go frequently. For example, if you travel a lot and you’re not always able to look at the dictionary, you can take out an electronic spell checker and quickly find the spelling and definition of vocabulary words.

Audiobooks Bring Books to Life for Children

Some children and teens do not read books because they find the books boring. When they listen to audiobooks they hear the subjects of the book come to life in the form of the person reading on the audiobook. In addition, the loud sound effects of nature, people and music all add a sense of excitement to those hearing the audiobook.

Growth of  Tier Certified Data Centers

Thanks to the growth of technology in our society, there will be a stronger need for tier certified data centers so that people worldwide can utilize the Internet without much hassle. Data centers have tiers and these tiers are for different purposes. Tier 1 is made of a single path for cooling and distribution while Tier II is just like the first tier but it has redundant components unlike the first one. Both of these tier data centers ensure that the Internet is running at high uptime for Internet users.

Apps To Help Those With Autism

Those whose children suffer from autism are now looking to electronic tablets and all kinds of apps to help the children learn better and it serves as a nice supplement to their regular school curriculum. Kids with autism can do a variety of activities on the tablet that could boost their social skills. In conclusion, audiobooks and assistive technology will be around for many years and it will continue to help everyone learn in a more efficient way.

The Top 10 Motivational Audiobooks that Could Change Your Life

The Top 10 Motivational Audiobooks that Could Change Your LifeMaybe you’re feeling in a slump. You realize it’stime to start a journey toward self-improvement, to find the spark that will propel you to the next level and help you achieve your dreams. The question is: What do you do next? That is one of the main stumbling blocks that keeps many would-be goals and dreams by the way side. So why not try turning to motivational audiobook to help get you going?

Listening to a motivational audiobooks isa great use of your time and a fun way to keep you moving forward mentally, physically or spiritually. Anaudiobook format allows you to utilize downtime and multitask. You can listen to an audiobook while you are working out, cooking in the kitchen, cleaning the house, and of course driving in the car or using public transportation.

Motivational audiobooks can give you encouragement, or act as a catalyst to help you take charge, or give you the insight you need to progress.  Spending some time listening to a motivational audiobook may spark that business idea or venture you’ve been mulling over, or give you the impetus to focus on your physical, mental or spiritual self. Whatever your quest may be, here are the top 10 best motivational audiobooks to get you moving in the right direction:

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