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Choosing the best background music for your videos

Choosing the best background music for your videosAt times, it can be frustrating when you have to decide from innumerable choices. Take for instance the different models and makes of smart phones you have now. Looking at the specs puts you in such, a tizzy that you look back with fondness to the days when you had just the landline to contend with or for that matter the mobile phones, which you used for making calls alone.

Choosing a good background music is just as difficult as selecting a good smart phone. With the various advancements and innovations being done in the music world, you have numerous genres and sub genres making the task highly challenging. But luckily, there are ways by which you can narrow down the infinite options down to something that can be managed easily. Here are some tips

Purpose behind the video

You should establish what you wish to accomplish from the video in the first place. Do you aim at telling a story, teaching a skill, selling a product or just for mere entertainment?

When you get the answer for this question, you can proceed in a more focused way. For instance, if you are taking a video on maintaining an aquarium, it needs different background music, when compared to a video on aerobic workouts.

Target audience

When you identify your intended audience, it is easier to choose the appropriate music for the videos. For the aerobic workouts, it is natural to assume the audience would be of younger age group and would prefer more modern or hip-hop music rather than a classical beat. Or perhaps you can include some folk influence with acoustic blend such as Bob Dylan or John Denver.

Theme of the video

You need to understand that the subject of a video film and its theme are entirely different. For instance, the subject of Titanic is about the luxury cruiser, and on how it met with its end. The theme is however about the heartrending love story between the two protagonists in the film.

In the same way , your video whether it is about a workout or maintaining an aquarium using a nice tank filter or improving your wealth, you need to find out the theme, so you can find the right matching background music for it.

Intended result

Just as you need to know who your audience is, you also need to focus on the change the video will bring to your audience. If you want to teach them a skill, you need to give the right information regarding it, which they did not know beforehand. This will make them glad they had watched the video as they learnt something new from it.

If the purpose of the video is to make people aware of the plight of children suffering in the war torn regions you would want the music to appeal to the innermost consciousness of the people. Or if it is a comedy or horror genre you would want the audience to enjoy and feel good with a comedy or be a bit uneasy over the horror video.

Music is the best tool to bring out the starkest of emotions in you. You can use this musical power to make your audience spell bound.

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