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Dangers of Noise Pollution

Dangers of Noise PollutionListening to music is therapeutic in many ways. However, it’s not only the sweet sounds of musical instruments or our loved ones’ voices that we hear every day. The vast majority of people, especially city residents, are exposed to the level of noise that can damage your hearing permanently.

The problem of noise pollution is getting more attention now as it has evolved to the point where it threatens the health of the nation as a whole. The number of children and young adults with hearing impairments has increased drastically over the last few decades, and the numbers keep growing as does the level of noise pollution.

Common causes of hearing loss are:

  • Occupational exposure
  • Genes
  • Recreational noise
  • Trauma
  • Ototoxic drugs
  • Infection

In the vast majority of cases, occupational exposure is the main reason behind hearing impairments. However, research indicates that exposure to the sounds over 85dB for extended periods of time causes serious hearing damage. The nature of the sound is irrelevant in this case. This is the major reason as to why so many young people today suffer from hearing impediments. Listening to your favorite music at dangerous volume settings is as harmful as working with a professional framing nailer or any other power tool for several hours straight.

Hearing loss is a dangerous condition not only because it leads to a disability and increases the risk of accidents. It also prevents a person from being a productive member of society and leads to depression and discrimination. Sadly, children are most susceptible to noise damage, and they also are the ones who suffer most because of hearing loss.

Please note that although noise pollution does not cause mental illness, it’s a factor that can aggravate and accelerate the development of latent disorders. It also impairs a child’s cognitive development. Therefore, it’s imperative to protect your children from this particular hazard.

How to Deal with Noise Pollution

Unfortunately, noise pollution is a very common problem, so avoiding it is almost impossible. Of course, you can escape from the city and move to live deep in the country where noise isn’t an issue. However, few people can do this. Even if you live in the country, you will need to “go back to civilization” for work, shopping, etc. Therefore, you need to know how to limit the damage dealt by noise pollution and protect yourself and your family from its detrimental effects.

The scientists advise limiting your exposure to noises over 100 dB to 4 hours. This is a level of noise generated by power tools and snowmobiles. If you work with this kind of equipment, your employee is bound by law to adhere to the hearing hygiene regulations. Be sure to do some research and determine what noise levels and working hours are considered safe for the people in your profession.

If your work isn’t associated with noise, and you live in a city, be sure to soundproof your walls, especially if there is a lot of traffic in your neighborhood. This will allow you to enjoy some peace and quiet at home and protect all the residents of your house from the dangers of noise pollution.

In addition, you should avoid being exposed to the noises over 140 dB (120 dB for children). Such sounds are generated by firecrackers, cap pistols, guns, etc. This noise can deal some permanent damage to your hearing over a few seconds of exposure.

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