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How Music Helps You at Home

mouse-583579_960_720After a long, arduous week of hard work at the office, on the factory floor or in the shop, most folks welcome Friday evenings and the rest of the weekend.

Because it a requirement of their job and markets demand this, many other folks have to work over weekends, so do not experience first-hand the joys of being at home all weekend.

But if fair labor practices are in place, they do, at least, get one other day off during the week, usually a day that is convenient to them (but sometimes also at the behest of their employers).

Rarely a moment to himself

And while some folks are off, particularly over weekends, they don’t have much time to themselves to relax, recuperate and enjoy free time. They don’t see much on the horizon in terms of more ‘me’ time. For instance, the master head chef, recently divorced, on his rare day off, has to charm and entertain his children for the few hours that they are in his legal custody. While he treasures his time with them, the few spare moments he has to himself rarely lasts.

Whether for relaxation or entertainment (or both) he may just quietly lie down on his bed, turn his remote to his favorite show on the flat-screen or favorite jazz tracks. But, alas, this moment of bliss barely lasts longer than a few minutes because, exhausted from all the long hours of hard and stressful labor, the master chef quickly falls asleep. Most other less extraordinary folks get away with this because, inventively, costly help is also at hand for them. For doing the household chores that many folks still hate, they hire help.

Listen to music while you do your chores

But, this is not always the best solution to ensuring that their homes truly sparkle. Rarely does anyone take care of other’s possessions as if they were their own. Also, regular household help costs money which could have been used elsewhere. So, the best solution is to do the jobs you hate yourself. A number of earlier posts on our website has expounded on the psychological and physiological benefits of listening to music, particularly while working.

So, why not add your favorite music to the mix while doing your household chores? In accordance with the different cleaning tasks, you can vary the pace every other hour, changing the disk whenever necessary. For instance, you could listen to some of your most lively and loudest favorites while doing window cleaning or cleaning the floors. Or you could listen to something more soothing while dusting your ornaments in your living room. Remember, though, to make use of more effective cleaning tools such as those showcased on this website to get those hard to reach areas clean.

The master chef may not have the luxury of time that most of us do but one thing we can be sure of is that he will be listening to something inspirational while he is designing a new menu for his loyal patrons.

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