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Modifying Moods

Modifying MoodsWe often talk about how music can affect the quality of human life here. Rhythms, beats, melodies and other aspects of music have been proven time and again to have their effect on people, whether for better or for worse.

There are other things which can change a person’s outlook on a situation or otherwise modify their mood, however. Light is a good example of this. Whether synthetic or natural, ultraviolet light can brighten up a space, make a person feel more awake and even provide an essential nutrient in Vitamin D.

I’ve heard tell in the past about people who actually get depressed because they don’t get enough ultraviolet light in their daily lives. I forget what the name of the condition is, but it’s an actual medical condition, verified and codified by the healthcare community. It really exists, which is kind of understandable when you think about it.

People living in places like Antarctica, where the days (and nights) regularly last several months at a time, get either no light at all or so much that they wish it would get dark once in a while.

Like music, lighting can affect the mood of a person. Also like music, different types of lighting will have different effects on the same person. Those who suffer from that ultraviolet deficiency, for example, would get no benefit at all from sitting under a regular lamp or other artificial light source.

However, if you were to use say LED light bars that produced ultraviolet light, or anything that made ultraviolet light for that matter, you would see their health begin to improve almost immediately from what I’ve been told. Maybe it’s really more of a shortage of vitamin D than anything else? They should drink more milk.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for any old light to make a dark place bright and help your eyes stop struggling to see what’s right in front of them, that’s a lot easier. These VISION X LED bars are great because they’re portable, easy to install and just as easy to remove so you can put them up somewhere else when the circumstances call for it.

I actually own a couple myself and I’m very happy with them, though I’m sure I probably could have gotten a better deal if I had been willing to shop around more than I was back then.

There are other ambient factors which also have a strong effect on the way people behave too. The weather, or more specifically the temperature, is a great example of this.

There seems to be more violent crime in parts of the world where the temperatures are higher, and every year as summer rolls around and people start sweating, violent crime rates tend to go up, even in places where the weather is normally fair or cool.

We are affected by so many things that it’s important to tally them all up and total those effects, so we understand the influences in our life and how they shape us.

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