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Music Affects More than Humans

Music Affects More than HumansWe talk about music here all the time – music and the way it affects the lives of the people who hear it, mostly. But today I want to take some time to talk about other things which are also affected by music.

It would be a bit ignorant to think only humans can appreciate music and be moved by it, but I know there are people out there who believe just that. The subtle vibrations of pleasant sound waves have been proven to help plants establish stronger root systems, and that’s just the beginning of music’s positive effects on plants.

While it’s clear I’m talking about music, the definition of music will probably vary from person to person. I’m not recommending you expose your plants to blaring death metal with enough volume and bass to make your entire house quake. No, you don’t want that; your plants don’t want that, more importantly. I mean soothing sounds, the sort of stuff most people listen to for relaxation rather than to get pumped up or excited. Plants don’t’ seem to have different musical tastes the way people do. They all seem to prefer quiet and soft stuff, a point which should at least help prevent you bothering the neighbors.

There’s actually another thing plants need which humans take for granted, though some of us really suffer from the lack of it. Sunlight, or more specifically the vitamin D in sunlight, is crucial to human life. Without it, some people suffer from bouts of serious depression during darker months. Without sunlight, the majority of plants won’t grow at all, since they need it to make their food. Now, this isn’t related to music, but if you’re going to go the extra mile to get your plants some sweet tunes, it only makes sense that you’d pick up some growing lights like these as well, for those darker days.

Getting back to music and its effects on the world around us, it actually touches more than either plants or humans. Consider a mountain, for a moment. In a place where loud noises could naturally cause avalanches or rockslides to occur, most people readily understand how loud music, or even quieter music with a powerful bass element, could cause the same disasters to occur. I mention this because I want to be clear that music is not necessarily always a good thing. It can cause damage, sometimes serious damage, depending on the environment where it is played.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Music soothes the savage beast”? Well it’s kind of true. In the same token, music can be used to excited calm people and animals too. It seems to have a kind of psychological effect on its listeners, whether for better or for worse. This isn’t the kind of stuff you’re going to learn from any music theory or history class either. For more information, you’ll probably be better off consulting texts related to psychology and the like. It’s really interesting stuff, so we’ll be sure to write more about it in the future.

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