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The Tools of Life

The Tools of LifeLife is full of ups and downs and we all know that. It is a person’s ability to retain a sense of humor or a positive spirit when things get a little tough that sets them apart from the crowd. Life also deals up some very different hands at times and it’s a wonder when you see people in the depths of despair, yet still happy. I’ve traveled to many parts of the world and seen the rich, the comfortable the poor and the desperate.

I was on a beach in Nice, France at one time and was surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women, young and old, their friends and boyfriends and all enjoying the sunshine and the beach. Everybody appeared okay, some happy, some sad. Then, another time I was on a beach in the Philippines on which many kids were playing, enjoying the time with their families. They had nothing, not even swimming costumes with everybody swimming in their clothing. These people were ecstatically happy.

The conclusion I have come to during my travels is that material things mean very little when applied to the concept of happiness. Where am I going with this short story? Well, it so happened that an old friend of mine passed away not so long ago. Upon hearing of his death, I immediately joined his family and other friends in condolences. After the funeral, his wife told me that her husband had specifically asked me to look after the selling of many of his possessions that he would never need again and certainly, his wife, would not use. My friend was a handy man of the highest order.

As a tradesman, he had all the tools you needed to repair cars, make and repair furniture, fix plumbing problems, renovate and restore homes, carry out minor electrical work, painting and even tools required for tiling. My old friend never hired anybody to do anything for him. Also, he was always available to help a friend do odd jobs around their own homes.

To sell all these things, I needed to find out what they cost new so I could get some idea as to what price to ask online in advertisements or among our friends. It was necessary to get the optimum amount so that his widow would have a nice kitty of cash available for the future. The best way was to go online to websites that sold and advertised similar products, then subtract an amount for the wear and tear on the item we had for sale. One of the more unusual things to research was a good wood lathe, not something you would find in a lot of workshops.

So we priced drills, nail guns, power saws, cordless drills, planers and as mentioned, the mini wood lathe. There was a soldering iron, heat gun, paint mixer, brushes, power screwdriver, engineering hammer, sets of Sidchrome spanners, electrical wire, fuses, power switches, jigsaw, bench and hand grinder and a power saw to mention a few. So many wonderful tools, no longer useful to the new owner. Sad.

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