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Top Five Violinists of All Time

Top Five Violinists of All TimeArguably one of the most loved musical instruments is the violin. The hypnotizing and calming music produced by this stringed instrument continues to draw some of the greatest talents from around the world. It’s not surprising that many want to learn how to play the violin. Sites like Violinio prove to be useful for those aspiring to become a violinist.

Through the years, we have seen and heard great violinists play amazing performances. Each of these violinists is unique in every way, so making this list of “the best of the best” has been quite a challenge.

  1. Niccolo Paganini

He played the violin so well that many say even the Devil went to see all his recitals. During the mid-1800’s Paganini travelled and performed across Europe, leaving audiences at awe with his every performance. He had an unparalleled dexterity and accuracy, and was capable of playing the most difficult pieces on a single string. His musical prowess was legendary that after his death, doctors studied his wrists and arms to see if anatomy has anything to do with why he was so good. Perhaps, the secret is that he practiced 10 hours every day.

  1. Arcangelo Corelli

Born during the mid-1600, Corelli was famous throughout the Western Europe. He tutored many great violinists. In fact, majority of the violin techniques you hear today trace back to Corelli. One thing peculiar about this Italian violinist is that the highest string in his music never went above D. While he could play higher notes, he just thought screeching sound wasn’t pleasing to the ears no matter how good it was played. Handel commented Corelli’s remarkable violin skills, particularly how he could run through scales, faster than anyone else, and strike perfect leaps from different octaves.

  1. Antonio Vivaldi

The closest rival of Corelli, Vivaldi was a virtuoso known for his unparalleled technical artistry. He was a great composer but his health condition prevented him from learning wind instrument. Vivaldi mastered how to play the violin and from then on made some of the best musical masterpieces of all time.

  1. Pablo de Sarasate

Like many other musical prodigies, Sarasate started playing the violin at a very young age. He was five when he first played the stringed instrument and eight when he held his first public concert. At that time, Sarasate was the youngest to win the Paris conservatory’s highest honor. He was instrumental in popularizing Spanish music.

  1. Fritz Kreisler

At the young age of seven, Kreisler was admitted into the Paris conservatory and went on to win the highest prize at the age of twelve. He toured the world and made performances in different countries. He was among the first musicians to achieve international fame through the gramophone. Kreisler’s musical prowess was notable and earned him praise from across the world.

Many of the best violinists started learning to play the violin at a very young age. For parents who want their children to learn violin, they can access information about the best violins for kids online. There are review sites, self-help websites and tutorials that you can access. Who knows, maybe your kid might be the next violin prodigy?

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